The team In the Kitchen

Olivier Beurné and his team

In Brittany, and in culinary papers, the reputation of chef Olivier Beurné is second to none. Former Chef of the Michelin two-star restaurant at Château Locguénolé in Kervignac (56), Olivier Beurné has officiated since 2017 at L'Amphi[tryon] in Lorient, a famous restaurant in southern Brittany.

Project man, passionate, Breton by adoption, he had at heart to pass on his passion and his pleasure of cooking to his children, his star pastry chef son and his daughter cook. It is to them that he has the honor of putting at the head of the kitchen of Restaurant La Marine, an iconic place on the island of Groix, from only 2,500 inhabitants in winter to 25,000 in fine weather.

For Oliver? Make it above all a friendly family affair, where everyone feels good. We look forward to sharing this place rich in emotions with you!